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Marc Foster

Marc Foster“Perception”

Artist Statement:
Perception. An awareness through one’s senses. A way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something to form a mental impression. In this compendium of artwork, Foster plays with shape, visual illusion, color and surface preparation to distort or enhance the art piece and it’s reflected environment. In contrast to the traditional “gallery white” walls, Foster chose black walls to project a void that the art jumps out of and eliminates the shadows that can play into the perception of the piece itself and how it’s internalized by the viewer. The use of black backdrop additionally draws the eye to the art alone and its’ reflectivity or dimensionality, solidifying it as a stand-alone experience within a void. Structurally, the altered balance of some pieces strives to make you internally feel that balance shift, and spur dialogue about how that seeming lack of balance is accomplished.

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