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Charles SeereyCharles Seerey

Charles Seerey's work integrates art history influences and personal perspectives. His rhythmically constructed abstract paintings are solidly balanced and steeped in structure, giving the work a sense of gravity and weight. There is an emphasis placed on the principles of pattern, balance and color relationships to create a sense of movement, rhythm and flow that draws the eye along the forms and juxtapositions of the composition. His handling of paint produces a distinctive rendering of color, light and the highly visible brush strokes to add energy on the canvas's surface.

Charles Seerey lived and worked in Sacramento, California for over 20 years before moving to Napa Valley in 2018. He is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but has lived in New York, Texas and New Mexico before moving to Northern California. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing, from Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas.